Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tuesdays re-visited

It only took a couple of Tuesdays for me to realize why Ethan needs a break from taking the boys to daycare...he and Evan have identical 'morning' personalities. Evan gets up, comes in our room, gets into bed and watched TV. At some point he is told to get dressed which he does in a very leisurely manner, running in and out of the room for various reasons (help with a short, putting dirty clothes in the laundry), eats breakfast while in a constant state of motion (looks out the window, helping Eric eat, making Ethan's coffee), spends an unimaginable amount of time in the bathroom brushing his teeth. After witnessing this a couple of times, I realized he's just a mini-version of Ethan, who is still sleeping while Evan watches TV, then briefly hustles when he realizes what time it is, yet somehow finds time to sit at his computer and look at email/articles before realizing they're REALLY running late and then all heck break loose. So, when the boyz are with me in the morning, I am showered and dressed before they're even awake, and there's no time for the putzing, which results in a lot of threatening and counting.

This Tuesday, being my birthday, really didn't go well. To the point that I just flat out said I wasn't going to take the kids in the morning anymore until we developed a more agreeable routine. And, all to Ethan's credit, he did. I ended up with morning duty on Friday (Ethan had to go in at 4 AM--insane!!), and Evan was a different kid. He came out of his room fully dressed and politely asked for a bowl of oatmeal, which he had finished by the time I got Eric up and dressed. Who said guys can't be trained?

Incidentally, Eric is more 'me' in the morning...get up, get dressed, and get going! Thankfully he (usually) sleeps later than Evan, especially on the weekends ;-)

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