Monday, November 5, 2007

Early mornings

Sunday morning went amazingly well with both kids sleeping until almost 7 (which would have been 8 the day before). I think it helped that I changed the clock in Evan's room after he went to sleep, so if he woke up and saw 5:10 AM, he would know it was waaay to early to get up. I have some good mom-smarts some days, and Saturday night was one of those days!!

This morning...yikes. My alarm went off at 5:30 AM and about a minute later I hear Evan singing in the bathroom. And he doesn't really know how to sing quietly. After a lengthy discussion about being quiet when everyone is sleeping (there's no such thing as a short conversation with Evan), I then argue with him about going back to bed. I show him the numbers on the clock and tell him he needs to go back to sleep until he sees 7:00 (this has backfired on us in the past where, as soon as he sees a '7' anywhere on the clock, he claims it's 7:00). I check my email to give him few minutes to settle down (our bathroom shares a wall with his room, so he will hear the shower) and, surprisingly enough, he stays down until about 6:15. Well, once I"m up and dressed, there's no fooling him, so when I left this morning, he was watching Stanley with Ethan sleeping beside him. Hopefully Eric slept for a while!


  1. Try buying an old-fashioned clock with numbers and dials and all that stuff - COLOR the section of the time you want him to come out of his room. Kelley tried that with Abbey and it worked - or the good olde - "You can't get out of bed until the sun wakes up!"

  2. Old-fashioned, like with hands? And then color where the little hand should be when he comes out?