Monday, November 5, 2007

So close...

I just realized Lydia did the same title on her latest blog...too funny...I swear I thought of it before I wrote this!!

I had a near perfect shopping weekend, and I'm proud of myself, so I want to remember it...
  • I had 3 things to return at 3 different stores and I returned ALL of them
  • I had to use a 40% off coupon at Michaels by Saturday and I did (and crossed another godchild off the Christmas shopping list)
  • I needed a new red sweater because I shrunk my old red sweater (apparently 'fine merino wool' will shrink even when you follow the instructions, but 'extra fine merino wool' will not shrink). Even though I bought the 1st red Sweater at Filene's Basement, Marshalls came through on red sweater #2. Still need a light gray one though...
  • I replaced my broken sunglasses. I even bought 2 pairs because the price was good and I had a coupon!
  • I bought SIX new pairs of work pants, all Calvin Klein (which I love) for less than $200...if only I had realized you can buy brand new clothes off of ebay for dirt-cheap earlier, I would have spent even less money (4 pairs from Filene's Basement, 2 from ebay)...
  • I bought one new pair of jeans...okay, here's the 'almost perfect' part. I actually bought 2 pairs of jeans, but one of those pairs is a size 10 and I don't know how I missed that fact. But even funnier that Lydia mentioned buying size 10 pants in her blog, so maybe she wants the pants :-)
  • Both boys got haircuts (although Evan's will get it's own blog later...what a disaster...solidifies my hatred of Hair Cuttery)
  • I did not get to make my return trip to FYE, but looking at everything else, I'm okay with that!!


  1. GOOD SHOPPING!! I love it when that happens....and my new black socks are great!