Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warm fuzzies turned cold

I'm pretty sure Evan talks as much at night as the average person does during the day. At 1:00 AM, he had a crisis because the soap dispenser was empty and I'm pretty sure he was telling me I needed to fix this, but I can't be sure. I managed to get enough soap out to convince Evan that he could wash his hands and go back to bed and no I was not going to snuggle with him. Whew.

So I'm doing my morning hair/makeup routine this morning and Evan comes in to chat as I have little dots of foundation all over my face.

"Mommy, you're putting that on so you feel nice?"

"Yeah buddy" (getting a nice warm fuzzy at him being so sweet)

"It smells funny"

And the warm fuzzy moment is over.


  1. Aren't boys great?!
    And GOOD JOB on teaching him to wash his hands ALL the time. I can't believe how many kids I see in the bathroom here at work who DO NOT WASH THEIR HANDS?! YUCK

  2. Kinda funny :)

    Better than my conversation with Aubrey about my "pink treats" that she thinks are candy... yes I am talking about Tampons.