Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The shopping gods are smiling on me lately...I wonder if I can get all my Christmas shopping done before it runs out :-)
  • Ebates is having a double cash back day at Target...8% cash back just for going through the ebates site first.
  • Found a coupon for 10% off my order at Target and toys had free shipping, so I did all the toy shopping for the boys without even leaving the house (oh right, I'm at work) and almost 20% back in my pocket.
  • I bought 2 of these cute cups the other day, but the straws were missing (explains why they were severely discounted)...I emailed the company yesterday and they are sending me 4 new straws! The cup is awesome by the way...I tend to leave drinks laying around for several hours and after FOUR hours, my iced tea still had ice in it!


  1. I guess you're not doing any work....he he he
    YEAH...the kids are done for today!!

  2. Awesome tips on the coupons!