Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forgot about Monday

I went to work yesterday to let Ethan enjoy his final day of unemployment, hopefully the last one until he retires. He calls me at work around 9:30 and I hear the boyz in the background. And I laugh. My dear hubby did not realize that daycare was open yesterday and he did not need to have a grand plan to entertain them by himself yesterday. Ha ha!!

Since I finished all my tediously boring tasks, I left working and figured I would 'enjoy' the rest of the holiday at home. Ethan was engrossed with doing his new company paperwork, so I figured I would catch up on some yardwork. Yes, this is really bad, since our yard consists of a teeny-tiny garden and a small yard in desperate need of more TLC than I am capable of giving it on a wet Monday afternoon. Still, when the ground is wet, it's a good day to pull weeds, so I did. Then I tackled the mess that grows around the base of our fence. Then I pulled a dead bird out of the fence and decided I was done with yard work for the day.


  1. EWWW....dead bird? When was the last time you cleaned up the yard?!?!

  2. Good for you for cleaning up :) And on a "holiday" too... do you get double credit shopping overtime for that?

  3. I don't think the bird had been dead too long...I hope it wasn't one of the babies nesting under our deck a few months ago.

    I did get a nice little reward for all my hard work...I bought a bunch of things online last week and they arrived today!! But the double credit shopping overtime sounds like a good plan too :-)