Sunday, November 25, 2007

How do I find these people?

We had a very profitable craigslist week, and managed to unload a stroller, wine fridge, and refrigerator cart (used to hold the wine fridge). So I guess I've answered my own question about where I find these people, because clearly my ads have some subliminal message that says "come tell me your life story when all I really want is to regain some storage space and put a few bucks in our fun money fund."

Stroller lady was not bad, since the weather was so nice on Wednesday, I just met her outside and all was well. Day before Thanksgiving, maybe she wanted to get home and get stuff done...who knows.

Wine fridge guy calls me Saturday morning and says he's headed to the gym "for a few hours" and shows up at his promised time. Probably about my age, covered with many tattoos, but still sticks around while Evan and Eric are trying to see who can play the drum louder and talks about how he plays the drum and he wanted the wine fridge because he lives on the 22nd floor and the fluctuation in temperature is killing his wine, but he didn't really feel he needed the 18 bottle fridge...blah, blah, blah. And we only let him as far as the dining room because that's where the fridge was plugged in.

Cart lady was the best/worst. She actually wanted to come by on Thanksgiving, which was fine, except we didn't get home until after she had left the Virginia area. So she came back today and while her husband is looking like he wants to poke his eyes out with the car keys, tells me all about some organic wine with a weird cork and when they opened it there was plastic in the wine so now she's getting a free case of wine, which is nice, but she's not really a big wine drinker, so...blah, blah, blah.

But I have space in my house and money in my pocket :-)


  1. Yup - there are a LOT of wierd people out there! I guess they like you...just like the stupid people at Costco...right?!

  2. Um, maybe meet these people NOT at your house next time?

  3. People can talk just as long when standing in front of Trader Joe's when it's 35 degrees and windy!!