Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Whose child is this?

At dinner, Ethan offered Evan some pickles with his cheeseburger and Evan requested 3 (they were just little pickle slices, although I don't doubt that Evan can eat 3 full size pickles in one sitting). Ethan scooped 3 pickles out and Evan said "no Daddy, I already had 1, so I just need 2 more." Clearly my child with his brilliant math skills already kicking in!!

After dinner, I went to run some errands and Ethan tried to convince Evan to take an early bath..."if you take a bath now, you can have a long bath. If you wait, you can take a short bath." Evan responded with "I want a medium bath." Clearly Ethan's child with his ability to take 2 distinct simple choices and choose something else.

And I just need to mention that Ethan's feet smell awful. Hopefully Evan doesn't get his foot odors.


  1. PLEASE be kind to those of us with stinky feet...sometimes we just can't help it! My mother keeps telling me to soak my feet in tea...I can't even pee with the door closed around here - when does she think I'll have time for that?!

  2. Ahhh, got a love when the kids get smarter than the parents! Or at least to a point where they can reason well. :)

  3. I'm very kid to my stinky-footed husband, but it was just really bad tonight. As in we were sitting far part in our nice spacious living room and I could still smell them. And he tried to blame it on the cat!

  4. That sounds like John trying to blame his gas on Tommy!!

  5. Hey!!!

    You can at least be thankful that you have 1 kid that looks like you. I cloned Ken twice. We have the boy version and the girl version :)