Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If Thanksgiving originated in 2007...

...we'd be eating pizza and cupcakes!

Daycare does 'Thanksgiving Dinner' aka 'Family Pizza Night' in mid-November every year. I'm not quite sure what the relation is to Thanksgiving other than the fact that it's November (no cute shows/poems or anything like that), but there's definitely family and pizza involved. I met up with the boyz for this special treat and I think it's the best time I've had at this thing. First year I didn't really know any kids/parents, last year it was during Ethan's hospital stay and probably the only meal I ate for a week, so it was nice to watch Evan and Andrew being goofy and have Eric insist that I clean his hands only to dip them in the chocolate icing all over again :-)


  1. Sounds like an awesome night!

    I find it so funny that Eric insists you wipe his hands off so he can get them dirty again-- considering the last time I saw him he managed to get pizza in his ear! I have a few memories of Tom being completely covered in what ever he was eating....

  2. Ahh...the mess of being a kid! Tommy usually winds up with ANY type of red sauce (spaghetti or pizza)ALL over himself!!

  3. LOL, my kind of Thanksgiving Dinner... would we have to wear those silly black shoes with buckles though?