Monday, November 5, 2007

Sharing a computer

Up until Friday, Ethan and I were both lucky enough to have company-provided laptops, which is pretty darn nice. We also have a laptop at home which is about 3 years old and incredibly slow. One of the Best Buy $400 deals...good at the time, but barely runs now. Anyway, Ethan had to return his company laptop on Friday, which makes sense since he no longer works for that company :-) Unfortunately, I don't think the new company is going to provide him a new laptop, which means he keeps trying to sneak onto my nice laptop. I'm sure he'll swear he hasn't done anything, but I've noticed the following changes:
  1. I keep getting logged out of yahoo.
  2. When I go to pages that I've been going to everyday for the past 2 years, I have to actually remember my login name, because it no longer automatically appears for me.
  3. Applications keep closing when I am away from my computer. And they're not saving before they close.
  4. I seem to have acquired a new interest in fantasy football, as there were multiple tabs open on this topic yesterday.
Santa, if you're listening, maybe Ethan needs his own computer for Christmas??? I mean, what good is a Wii when they don't even have Tetris?!?!?


  1. Not sure whether this is good or bad news for you, but someone told me that Tetris is going to be released for the Wii soon...

  2. ROFL... we too had computer issues. Doug got his own laptop so now I don't have to hear how it isn't "fair" that my work got me a laptop...

    So Ethan got a new job?!?!

  3. Oooh...if Wii brings out Tetris, I could easily be talked into it. Of course, then we'd be fighting over who gets to play...

    Yes, Ethan starts his new job on Monday, but that's about all I'm allowed to say about it on the blog :-)

  4. We have no computer issues- We have a CRAPPY laptop that I got for my birthday a few years ago (but the wireless is NOT hooked up and John can't seem to get it done and I tried and screwed it up!) so we use John's computer. I do most of my stuff at work...he he he