Monday, November 5, 2007

Yet another reason I don't like Hair Cuttery

I was traumatized in college by a guy who attempted to make me look like one of the character's in Friends. Looking back, it really wasn't a bad haircut, but at the time it was awful and I hated. Who wants hair that you have to style when you're in college? Land of the throw your hair in a ponytail and run to class? So that's where the dislike started. It increased over the years when I was desperate for a haircut and figured 'how bad can they mess up a little trim?' and instead came out missing several inches.

I know some people have great luck with Hair Cuttery, I am just not one of them. And now neither is Evan. They're hit or miss with Ethan, which is really bad. I mean, how can you mess up that haircut (sorry E!).

Anywho, we've tried various efforts of getting kids haircut, including doing it ourselves at home (Ethan mans the clippers, I have no skill in this area). Doesn't turn out bad, but it doesn't turn out great, there's a huge mess, lots of crying, no one really enjoys it. So when Cartoon Cuts opened in the mall by us, we were immediately enthralled by the movies, video games, bubbles, and the elephant that washes your hair. I am not so enthralled by the $15.99 price tag (plus tip) for the 'shampoo and haircut' especially since I have 2 boys with no need to get their hair washed and seem to need a haircut at least once a month. And you've already heard the shoe story. So this time, we decided to send Evan with Ethan for a haircut, and since Ethan is man of leisure for another week, they went to Hair Cuttery at the mall.

Ethan came home with a pretty good haircut.

Evan came home with what looked like a hair cut. As in, maybe one hair had been cut. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but honestly, it looked no better than the mess he had going on before he went in there. From the muttering and twitching Ethan was doing, I gather it was a painful experience for him and he just needed to get the heck out of there instead of waiting until it was done right, which I have complete respect for. Sometimes it's better just to leave and call it a day.

Sunday, Evan and I and the receipt marched back into Hair Cuttery and very nicely asked that they fixed the unacceptable disaster they had left on top of my son's head. Pretty sure I used those exact words, and repeated them again when they brought the woman over who had done the handiwork on Saturday. Suddenly she became very kind and sat Evan in a chair and chopped about an inch off the top of his hair, saying she couldn't do it 'right' he day before because he was sitting on Ethan's lap. Now, I've been the lap for a lot of haircuts and this is the first time I heard this excuse, but hey, she's got sharp pointy things next to my son's head, so I'm willing to behave. We finish the haircut and I realize...
  1. We will not be returning to Hair Butchery anytime soon. I'll pay the extra $6 to go to Cartoon Cuts and get an adorable haircut with happy children
  2. We really need to give up on the idea that Evan can even get haircuts and just send him in for a buzz. The kid has a cowlick that runs the entire top of his head on one side, even after the lady removed an inch of hair.
  3. Sometimes it feels good to go in there and tell someone they screwed up and make them fix it!! And I did it without swearing, raising my voice, or even losing my temper...maybe I should take Evan with me everywhere I go :-)
How do my blogs get to be so long?


  1. I HATE that place, too! I definately think its worth the higher cost to go to Cartoon cuts....

  2. Ha - I just looked at the Cartoon Cuts website...if you had 2 little girls, you could have their BIRTHDAY PARTY THERE! wierd...

  3. awww, i like hair cuttery... :(

    there's a really nice lady at the one in germantown that gives fabulous scalp massages when she washes my hair...