Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is it Monday yet?

Remember when long weekends used to be relaxing? And now, with kids, they are downright tiring!! And everyone was on reasonably good behavior and healthy!! Late this afternoon it came crashing to a halt and I made the mistake of mentioning male PMS which earned a very evil look from Ethan (hey, bad mood after watching football all day and the Eagles haven't even lost--I mean, played--yet?).

At one point, the boys were being very sweet with one another, sitting in a chair looking at books together. I thought I would use this opportunity to get some updated pictures of them and here's the best that I could get:

Okay, in the beginning they were actually being calm and cute, but absolutely refusing to look at the camera:

And then, in an effort to 'help', Evan started bonking Eric which is great because it gets him to laugh and show his ginormous teeth, but then I very quickly lose any control I may have had and eventually have to intervene before concussions start happening:

Guess that's what I get for having boys ;-)


  1. Be nice about the teeth...he'll grow into them! (At least my mother told me I grew into mine ;)

  2. You give me hope...the pediatrician laughed when I suggested maybe he skipped the baby teeth and went straight to the adult ones!!

  3. They are freaking adorable! I didn't notice teeth.