Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alone time

I am alone, at least for a few minutes. Probably the first time in 48 hours and kind of necessary. I assume my husband needs his alone time too, since he's down playing some silly game on his iPhone. This weekend was draft weekend, and while I really have no knowledge of what a cult does, I'm pretty sure this comes close. A group of men gather in our basement and pick their fantasy football teams for the season. Children must stay out of the way for as much of the event as possible. Do not come downstairs unless someone is dying or you are stocking food/beverages.

Okay, really it's not that bad. Especially since this year they just ordered pizza for lunch instead of the whole pre-draft cookout which resulted in me cleaning up a huge mess and having to eat leftover hot dogs for the next week. But there were a lot of people in our house...the draft guys (7, I think), plus 1 wife, 1 wife + 2 children, and 2 more children. And the wife + 2 children stayed the whole weekend and 4 kids in the house was enough to warrant a nice long nap this afternoon (thankfully my children agreed with that plan). But we did put the kids to bed early last night and the 4 adults stayed up playing a favorite college card game that involves some heavy duty drinking and had a great time and this morning wasn't too painful for most of us.

So I'm going to go enjoy some alone time. Probably with my TV.

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