Friday, August 29, 2008

Things that make you go "hmmm..."

I was in CVS waiting for a prescription to unclog my sinuses so my ears will stop pounding and wandered around the store while they slapped a label on a box of steroids. I love steroids. They make me feel like Superwoman and who doesn't like to feel like Superwoman? They also make my mind wander. Anyway.

So I was wandering the store, killing time, and kept coming across this woman who was clearly very agitated at something. My guess is the world in general. She reminded me of a lady I used to work with who used to do a lot of huffing and sighing and absolutely nothing and was not very popular in our office. I head back to the pharmacy counter to make sure I can hear when my name is called and the woman goes storming up to one of the pharmacy guys and says "Can you please COME OUT HERE and show me where the petroleum jelly is?? And TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN!! I can hardly hear myself think in here!!" And as the nice pharmacy guy walked her over to the shelf, all I could think was 'man I hope she uses that petroleum jelly to remove whatever is stuck up her...'

Somebody save a spot for me in hell, because that's one of those thoughts that will send me there :-)

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  1. I'll see you there. That's where all the COOL people will be!