Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And good morning to you too!

This morning kicked off around 5 AM, to the sounds of Evan crying in his room. I stumbled in to see what was going on (assuming his nightlight had turned off) and he tells me he has just had a very bad dream. That there was a lady with a gun and she shot him 3 times and an arrow went into his leg and hit his bone and hurt very badly. Cripes. I'm used to Evan having night terrors, but I don't think I'm quite ready for the nightmares yet!! I reminded him of the good dream he had a few days earlier (dolphins swimming and he got to touch one on the tail) and snuggled in bed with him until he fell back asleep.

Then I had to fight with Eric about shoes, something I never thought I would have to do with a boy. Although, to give him credit, he was protesting the socks with his sandals which I am also not a fan of, but daycare insists that children must wear socks. So I had to wrestle him out of the house like an alligator while Evan is still tearing up about his bad dream and we get to daycare to find a child wearing crocs with--you guessed it--no socks. Argh. Luckily he decided to play with a boy who was dressed according to the rules and I was able to point out how Ryan was wearing socks and shoes like a big boy and it all ended well.

And the road I normally take to work after dropping Evan off is closed for a MONTH, and the alternate way is crappy. But camp is over in 2 weeks, so at least I only have to deal with it for that long.


  1. Have you begun having those "I do it MYSELF fights"?? THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!

  2. They have started, but mostly with getting up/down places. Especially painful with all the steps in our house!! Eric has just started taking an interest in helping with un/dressing, so I'm sure that will be next!!

  3. You need to find the children's book "Dream Hop". Reagan and I checked it out from the library not knowing what it is about, but we love it. And it may help with the nightmares...although I think reminding him of the good dream was a super-mommy move!!!

    link to book: