Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School supplies

Can I just say how much I am dreading the shopping for school supplies adventure? I have been to Target twice this week to pick up regular household stuff and the store is overrun with parents (mostly moms) and kids picking out their backpacks, supplies, and clothing. It looks like hell on earth for all parties involved. I am not looking forward to this.

Evan has to wear a uniform, and most of that shopping I have already done online...except I have to exchange the shirts for the right size and just have not gotten my butt to the store to do it. And clearly I should have done it because, at this point, they will probably be out of the size that I need. But that really wasn't so bad...polo shirts, khakis, couple of sweaters.

But the school supplies? 8 #2 primary (fat) pencils? Seriously? 3 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags? Really? And the complex of whether or not to buy store brand or 'name' brand...kids seem to be a little more vicious nowadays and I sure don't want to be the 'cheap' parent who doesn't buy my child the Crayola brand of washable markers (primary colors, unscented, slim and regular), but on the other hand I wouldn't normally buy the name brand when the generic is sitting right next to it for 1/2 the price...

And 12--TWELVE--large glue sticks? Is this going to be a side dish at lunch or something?? And the 'boxes' and 'containers' of Ziploc bags and tissues and wipes...are they asking for multiple normal size boxes? So in reality I could send in one giant box of sanitizing wipes instead of the 4 on this supply list?

And '2 tissue boxes'...is this empty boxes? Or boxes of tissues? Because the list for some of the grades says 'boxes of tissues' but then a couple of them say 'tissue boxes.'

My head hurts. I need a mommy mentor.


  1. I'm guessing that some of those things are supplies for the whole class. Glue sticks, boxes of tissues, etc. I say go generic - thats what I do.
    I work with people who assign buying and bringing in tissues for homework!
    I do no such thing in my class.

    And you would be amazed at how great Ziploc baggies become!

  2. That is crazy... with a capital CRAZY. How do you have a kid old enough to need school supplies?

  3. Yep, those baggies are super-handy!!!

    And I'm thinking they mean boxes of tissues. :) You should TOTALLY just send two empty boxes, though.

  4. Bring boxes of tissues, teachers can not afford to keep the classroom stocked with kleenex for the entire school year, so they ask the parents to give two boxes of tissues. The hope that is that the 60 boxes of tissues lasts through the year. Of course what normally happens is by mid-January they will send Evan home asking for more tissues with the promise of "extra credit"