Monday, August 18, 2008


Amazing how a lady of leisure can find no time for blogging, huh? Evan stayed home through Thursday and Eric threatened a day at home on Friday, but ultimately I had the day to myself to run my tail off and get things done. And run I did. I can't even remember where all I went but I'm sure our debit card could tell the story pretty easily.

Saturday I was knocked down for the count with some sort of 24 hr-ish bug that gave me a hellish headache that is still hurting behind my eyeballs and random outbreaks of hives. So I've been in an Aleve-Benadryl coma for most of the weekend and came out of it in time to start my new job today, which basically consisted of 8 hours of paperwork and lectures on benefits, ethics, and other fun stuff.

I am wiped out.

But waaaay happier than I was a week ago at my old job. Kind of ironic, they sent me a letter in the mail today reminding me of my obligation NOT to solicit employees to my new company for 12 months. I found it very amusing because, as I was leaving, people were asking me to let them know about potential openings. So I guess technically that's not soliciting??

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