Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shoes and a haircut

I'm not sure how it happens, but it seems like every time a kid needs a haircut, we also end up in the shoe store. And they don't get haircuts at the same time, so, even though it's just Payless, trips to the mall are starting to get a little expensive! Although, Eric's hair is starting to grow a little faster, so hopefully we'll get them on the same haircut schedule soon. In any case, Eric needed the haircut trip today, and Evan has worn a hole in the front of his sneakers even though he hasn't actually outgrown them yet. We get into Payless and find the same shoes he has now and decide to go up a size (the old ones were stretched, I guess?)...and then we add some Spiderman slippers (it is the boy's birthday, after all). End up being a good choice, as Payless is doing their Bogo sale.

We head back to Cartoon Cuts, where Evan keeps Eric from crying by repeatedly singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes' complete with hand motions. Hey, it worked, he sat still while the lady did her thing with 9 different sets of clippers. After the haircut, I realize Eric's shoes are a little tight, so we head BACK to Payless while Ethan and Evan go to Brookstone for a ride in the massage chair (remember yesterday's triathlon?). Find a pair of shoes for Eric (not the same as what he has now) and realize we need to buy 2 pairs to take advantage of the Bogo deal. All other shoes in the next size are pretty ugly, so Eric also gets a pair of Spiderman slippers. If only I had planned ahead, this trip would have cost half as much (but no one would have gotten Spiderman slippers, and I think they were worth it ;-)

Speaking of shoes, a DSW is going in down the street. Within walking distance. Right next to TJ Maxx. This is going to be very bad on my wallet...

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  1. Shoes and a haircut... interesting. Since we have only had one child haircut I didn't know about this. But I will institute hte policy IMMEDIATELY!