Sunday, October 28, 2007

And the sun shines again...

After most of a week with Evan, I was looking forward to a little escape on Friday night. Until our babysitter called out sick. Nooooooooo! Amazingly enough, one of the daycare teachers that both kids love was available and willing to come over in the pouring rain at the last minute. Hooray! We spent the evening with a few newly-parented friends also in need of a night out at Chima's, not realizing until just before going there that this was going to be a meat-fest...still, it was some good meat :-) Afterwards, we headed to Gordon Biersch for dessert and drinks...yum!

Saturday we woke up to more rain, and decided to skip the Boo Zoo and alternate plans (sorry Em, it was just a little longer of a drive than we wanted to do!), and enjoyed a movie until--surprise!--the sun finally showed its bright self again. Later in the afternoon, we had some family time with the Potomac crowd and hardly saw Evan until it was time to go...a definite sign of a good time.

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