Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Defense mechanisms

I hate to stereotype, but sometimes some people just ask for it. Ever notice how, when a guy is clearly wrong about something, he gets overly defensive and comes up with horrible excuses instead of just admitting the wrong? And I'm not even talking about Ethan!

I have a monthly call that my 2 (male) co-workers are also supposed to participate in to report status of our respective projects. We got a notice a few weeks ago that the meeting would be on 10/31, and the agenda would be sent the week of the meeting. I immediately added this to my calendar so I wouldn't forget, especially because it's sandwiched between 2 weekly meetings and the guy puts up first on the agenda just so I can make it to my next meeting on time. Agenda gets sent out a few days ago, but I get on the call today and my co-workers are nowhere to be seen/heard. Not a problem, I can cover their stuff, goes off without a hitch.

I see them at my next meeting and ask that, if they can't make the meeting, at least give me a heads up so I can report their stuff. I said it with a smile, laughing, attempting to joke, etc.

"I didn't get the agenda" You got the meeting notice 2 weeks ago.

"Yeah, but it said the agenda would be sent out." It was sent out, they just weren't on it.

"See, so since it wasn't sent to me, I didn't know." Didn't know what? That there was going to be a meeting? Again, refer to notice sent 2 weeks ago.

Now, I'd like to think the average female would say "oops, I forgot, thanks for taking care of it." Yes? No?


  1. Men can be SO stupid...can't they?!

  2. I like to stereotype and I concur.

  3. But - Not OUR - they are NEVER stupid, right?! giggle giggle