Monday, October 15, 2007

More mommy musings

One of the girls at yesterday's party brought her (slightly) younger brother along. I think it was a last minute things, since the mom apologized for having to bring him, but who knows since the mom in charge of the girl invitees was not very forthcoming in communication about who was coming to the party. Not a big deal, the park was huge, and it's not like we were rationing food and drinks, right? Right. However, near the end, the little boy comes up to me and asks for a goody bag. I ended up giving him one because 1) I'm too damn nice, 2) his mom was very nice and even helped clean up/carry things to the car, and 3) a kid didn't show, so I had an extra.

Now, I don't expect a huge amount of understanding from the kid, who was roughly 2 1/2, but he approached me while his mother was standing right next to me, so why didn't she step in? I wasn't going to give him a bag until I made sure all the other kids had a bag, which put me in an awkward spot (I just told him we weren't giving them out yet, but still). I'm sure we've all been in a situation where you've had to bring an extra guest to a party/event, but do you automatically assume they're going to get everything a 'regular' guest would? Maybe it's just me (obviously it was not this woman), but if I had to bring Eric to a party for one of Evan's friends, especially at the last minute, I would not assume he was getting a goody bag at the end. And if I heard him ask for one, I would have told him th e goody bags were for Evan's friends and, since he had been so good, he could have/do something special after we left the party.

Is this just me?


  1. I guess you missed Emily's blog about swimming lessons. There are just some not so great parents out there! I have yet to experience this....the birthday parties have NOT started for Tommy's friends.

  2. I did see Emily's blog, and thought of it while writing this one. But I'm not geek enough to know how to link her blog to mine ;-)