Friday, October 5, 2007


Somewhere in the past couple of years, I turned into a snooze button junkie. I used to get right up out of bed and head to the shower (note: despite what Ethan says, this does NOT make me a morning person). Now I hit snooze 2-3 times and I hate it. I hate it when people sleeping around me use their snooze button, and it really bothers me when I do it. Plus, I would really like to get in the habit of getting up earlier a few mornings a week and getting to the gym for a few minutes. Much easier than trying to squeeze it in after work or in the evenings (although I still have to go on Mondays or Evan will be very disappointed).

So last night I decide to try and tackle the snooze button problem by setting my alarm later (6:30 instead of 6) and convince myself I can get up without hitting the snooze button. Well, I'm happy to report I achieved that goal, thanks to my darling children and someone else's alarm clock.

5:17 (Evan yelling) Can somebody come put my covers on me?!?!

Why he needs someone to do this, I have no idea...the kids gets out of bed plenty and always manages to tuck himself back under the covers, except for during the final hours of my sleeping time.

5:23 Eric starts crying. I go in and he's standing up in the crib looking all bent out of shape. I dig out the pacifier, lay him down, and tuck him in with his blanket, Moose, and Puppy (Boo and Poppy, as he calls him). Eric is not pleased with this, so I end up standing over the crib for a few minutes before heading back to my own bed.

5:30 Eric starts crying again. I'm sure I muttered some very un-motherly words as I threw the covers off again and then repeated the same routine.

I get back into bed (again) and attempt to convince myself to go back to sleep, even though I'm now wide awake. I'm tired...I took a couple of Aleve before going to bed last night (aching arm)...stayed up too late reading after watching Grey' alarm isn't supposed to go off for almost an hour. Then the other voice chimes in...this would be good practice...get to work're leaving early, so maybe I can get in all my hours. The 'good' voice eventually shuts up and I fall back asleep.

6:00 someone else's alarm goes off. Ahem. They hit the snooze button (or maybe just shut it off)

6:14 am Eric starts crying again. Repeat previous episodes with blankets and Boo and Poppy. I give in to the fact that I should just go take a shower and not try and squeeze in another 10 minutes of sleep.

So here I am, at work a little earlier than expected, and waiting hungrily for Jen to get here so we can go get a free breakfast :-)


  1. Why do you get a free breakfast?

  2. boss is going on vacation next week and needed his diner fix before he left...the only way the rest of us will go to the diner is if he buys ;-) Just kidding, he actually buys it because he's a nice guy!