Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rules of trick-or-treating according to Evan

Most of these were prefaced by "Miss Carmen says." The second line is Mom's caveats to the rules
  • We don't go into people's houses
    • Unless Mom or Dad are with you and say it's okay. Because we'll probably go inside Miss Claire and Mr. Bill's house for a minute
  • And Miss Linda's house. We can go in Miss Linda's house too, right?
    • Yes, we can go in Miss Linda's house (note to self, call Linda)
  • We don't eat candy if it's already open
  • We don't eat candy we find outside. We have to go home, throw it away, and then we can go trick-or-treating again
  • If we see someone pick up candy outside and eat it, then we have to go home and throw it away and then come back out trick-or-treating
    • I have no idea where he was going with this one


  1. I'm pretty happy that Tommy doesn't get it yet....he has been practicing saying "ha..ween".

  2. I like the rules... good idea :)