Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things that make you smile :-)

Ethan went to play paintball this morning, so the boyz and I hung out, ran some errands, bakes brownies, nothing too exciting. In the middle of lunch, I realized we had a friend hanging out next to the house...

We get deer visitors pretty often (usually 5+ at a time), but they're normally not so close to the house in broad daylight and they usually run when they see me going for the camera. So it was kind of cool to actually get a picture for a change (although the 2nd one scared the living daylights out of me when I went on the deck...she was RIGHT next to the fence).

After lunch and naps, Evan and Ethan holed up in the basement to watch the Eagles beat the Vikings--if the Vikings had won, I would have had a perfect football pick for the week so far. Eric helped me clean out my closet and get the Goodwill donations together...kind of funny what kept him entertained for the better part of an afternoon!

Anyway, despite a looooong dreary rainy week stuck inside with a sick kid, the weekend made up for it! Although I do have to go back to work tomorrow. Probably should work the entire week in the office too. :-(

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