Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The longest morning ever...

So yesterday was Eric's 18 month checkup, which went well, all thing considered. He's healthy, growing, developing normally, etc. The morning itself was the longest thing ever.

The doctor's office called to confirm the appointment and said the appointment was earlier than I had written down (by 15 minutes).

Evan wanted to go to daycare super early to share the news that he's 4 with more people since everyone in our house is very clearly tired of hearing him sing "I'm 4 today, I'm 4 today" over and over. And over. We take him to daycare and then Eric and sat in the car and enjoyed a few minutes of silence before heading on our way.

I stop off at McDonald's for a breakfast sandwich, figuring I can get away with it since only Eric is with me (Evan would be requesting cheese hamburgers, even though it's 8 in the morning). I get my sandwich and soda and Eric looks at me in the mirror and says "apple?" Thankfully his juice cup distracts him and I don't have to go back for apple dippers. But it's not good when the 18 month old outsmarts you like that.

We stop off in Target to pick up a few things, and head to the doctor. Where we find out they confirmed the wrong time and I am in fact 15 minutes early for the appointment. No biggie, we hang out in the playroom for a while before they call Eric back and start the medieval torture of weighing and measuring him. He does nothing to charm the nurses as he screams and thrashed the entire time. As I'm looking at the measurements, I realize his head has shrunk in the past 3 months, which can't be right seeing as how he still staggers around like a drunk man. We re-do the torture and compromise that his head stayed the same and figure the measurement was wrong last time.

30 minutes after my appointment time (45 minutes after the messed up time), the doctor shows up. They're normally not that bad in this office, so I can't complain too much. Plus, Eric was incredibly happy with moving magazines/toys from one box to another the whole time we were waiting. So, doctor comes in, we go through everything and determine he's doing great and I should not be concerned about the head measurement since he's still in the 80th percentile (plenty of room for the brain to grow!). We talk about his allergy stuff, which seems to be only eggs, and the doc drops the bombshell that if he's allergic to eggs, he can't have a flu shot. Eric. The child that had 17 various viral infections last winter. Just because he barfs when he eats scrambled eggs or french toast (no issues with food that contain smaller amounts of eggs). I try to argue this for a while, but the answer remains no, no, and hell no (okay, he didn't say hell no, he said "he's not getting the shot in this office"). Fantastic.

At just after 11, I finally get Eric back to about the world's longest morning!! I did find out later, he can get the flu shot from his allergist's office, but they will do it in small increments over the course of about an hour. So an hour in another doctor's office with multiple shots and a barf bucket. How lucky for me :-)


  1. WOW...What a morning. At least the allergist will do the he too little for the nasal spray flu vaccine? Hope tomorrow is better! (It HAS to be, right?!)

  2. They make the nasal spray from eggs too (eww!!)

  3. I am glad he can get the flu shot! I am even more glad it is only eggs that are an issue!! WOO HOO!