Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank goodness for bluetooth and the mute button!

I'm home with Eric, but trying to doing a little work. It's all meetings, which is nice, because I can do them from home, but kind of tough trying to keep Eric from talking for me!! Shortly after I got on the first call, he pooped and it ran straight out the side of his diaper (I guess I should have changed him when I got home!!). Thankfully, the diaper bag was close by and I could change him down here, but wow does it stink!! Now he's in his high chair with a container of cheerios/goldfish (also from the diaper bag) and is quite content emptying and refilling it, also not a quiet task. I think I'm done talking in this meeting though :-)

And I really need to make a pit stop myself, but it would be just my luck I'd forget to hit the mute button or someone would ask me a question!!

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