Sunday, October 21, 2007

Never a dull moment!

When shopping, that is. I'm actually starting to think it might be me!!

Saturday, Evan and I went to Target to return a few birthday gifts and pick out some useful fun items. Kind of a fun trip, despite him insisting that we chant "Go Diego Go!" throughout the store. And he wonders why we returned the Go Diego game backpack. Anyway, we pick up some new things (Cars sheets and a new dinosaur to add to the collection) and head to the cash register. Total seemed a little high, but I didn't want to hold up the line behind me, so I pay, move out of the way, and look at my receipt. Seems we paid for TWO dinosaurs, even though only 1 is in the bag. I wait to get the cashier's attention and say "I think you rang up the dinosaur twice." She does not pause, blink, breathe, NOTHING before saying "No I didn't." Ummm...kind of rude, don't you think? Just because you're a Target cashier doesn't put you above making a mistake, does it? I hold up the bag with 1 dinosaur and show her the receipt with 2 dinosaurs, she makes the adjustment and we're on our way.

Today I had a marathon of errand running to do (Lowe's, Walmart, Costco, Target--yes, again, Total Beverage, CVS, and Michaels). Lowe's and Walmart were useless (didn't have what I needed at Lowes and spent more time in the checkout line than anywhere else in the store). I get to Costco and show my membership card and see the words "Replace Card" scrawled on the back with a marker. The last time I got gas, my card wouldn't work, and the lovely attendant put that on there so I would get a new card and not have to hunt him down the next time I needed gas. Kudos to him, as I immediately moved to the membership line to get my card. And there I waited. Apparently it was a popular day to sign up for new memberships with credit cards, which take a really looooooong time. I stand back a little bit so that people have room to walk, which leads people to assume I am standing there just waiting for life to pass me by and they should clog up the aisle and jump in front of me in line. I had the same conversation three different times:

Me: Excuse me, there's a line.

Idiot: Oh, I need to get a new card/replacement card/talk to the membership people

Me: So do I, that's why I'm in line

Idiot: Are you sure you're not in the line for returns? (I kid you not, more than one person made some version of this remark to me)

Me: I'm sure...the line for returns is over there. With all the people holding stuff that they'd like to return.

Idiot: Well I thought you were waiting in the return line.

Me: Well, I'm not.

How is it that some random customer thinks they know why I'm standing in line? I swear to you, I had the above conversation with TWO different people!!!! I was also nearly knocked off my feet by some lady desperate to buy a clock, but I was behind a very nice guy in line who moved my cart for me while I ran to grab a box of diapers (duh, Jessica, diapers are ALWAYS on the Costco list!)

And, to close out my shopping adventures, Eric and I went to CVS this afternoon to pick up one allergy medicine and get a refill of another (allergies are killing me this fall!!). We go to the prescription drop-off and wait. And wait. And then listen to a man in front of us yell at the prescription people because he had been there for an hour before finding out they were out of his prescription. And wait some more. And listen to a manager reprimand the employees for not telling that man about his prescription and how they should be more attentive to customers and treat them like people. Oh, and then I waited a little more. Someone finally comes to take my order and I think I would have rather waited longer for someone a little more, well, smart, for lack of a better word. Apparently I'm supposed to know the generic name AND spelling of the prescription refill that I need (Flonase, really, not that uncommon of a prescription these days!!). Someone else finally comes over and physically hands her the bottle of what I need. She tells me it will be 40 minutes. To slap my name on an already-measured bottle of nasal spray.

Eric and I immediately move to checkout, I figure I'll get the Flonase another day (have a few days worth at home, no big deal). Despite the fact that there are FIVE people working behind the counter, it takes 10 minutes for me to get to the front of the line (only 2 people in front of me). Eric is in one hell of a mood, and the guy in front of me is giving us evil looks while I try to distract him with high-fives, pounds, finding my nose, etc. The lady behind us is much nicer, thankfully. She said hi, which puts him into immediate shy mode, which also keeps him from being in a mood. Where was I? So we get to the line, spell my name 3 different times, and am informed the 40 minute prescription is also ready. I'd like to be irritated at the lady who said it would take 40 minutes, but hey, I just saved myself a trip back to CVS, so not worth it.

And that ends this weekend's shopping adventures!!


  1. I think this just re-enforces me idea that people are generally STUPID and SELFISH. And did you ever notice that the stupid people are the ones with the most kids!?

  2. are you sure there wasn't something you were returning in your purse? maybe in your pocket? maybe it was outside in your car?