Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, dear Evan...

And today, my little boy turned 4. We started off strong with a 7:00 AM tantrum because 'Ariel' wasn't showing on the Disney Channel (a few weeks ago, Disney did a weird thing and did NOT have the typical toddler lineup on, and since that was the last weekend day Evan watched TV in the morning...) Thanks to Emily Yeung and her desire to learn ballet, Evan did not start his birthday with a timeout. He likes girls in tights, it makes Ethan proud, what can I say?

Since it's Sunday, we bypassed the normal birthday cake and opted for a candle in a stack of chocolate chip pancakes instead. Shortly after blowing out the candle, Evan asked 'can I have my T-Rex now?' After a month of hearing about this dinosaur, quite honestly I couldn't wait any longer!!

The rest of the day was pretty much as normal as a Sunday, playing outside, errands, etc. We closed out the night with pizza and moose tracks ice cream, which Eric inhaled in exactly 3 bites. Evan and Ethan headed down to play with their--I mean Evan's--new dinosaurs so I could look at pictures and blog :-)

Happy Birthday dude!
A new plane from Daddy

Hummer, boat, and ATV from the PA crew
The much-anticipated T-Rex!!
And Eric is just happy to play with some of Evan's 'old' toys :-)

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  1. YAY on birthdays! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.