Sunday, April 13, 2008

All set!

Tomorrow starts the long-awaited kitchen remodeling project. I took a set of pictures in June, so we've been planning at least that long, probably even longer. We (okay--I) have gone through various stages of decision making and whether or not to rip out walls or put in windows. In the end, the structure of the house (and kitchen) will stay the same...pretty much just a face lift.

So most of the contents of my cabinets are packed into boxes and stashed in the basement. Our kitchen table is in the living room. The dining room table has become a countertop. I somehow managed to squeeze most of the contents of the kitchen fridge/freezer to other fridges/freezers in the house. The worst part will be when I have to empty have the pantry so the floor can be re-tiled, but that should be temporary.

Anyway, sorry for the boring post, but it's been a busy weekend...but looking forward to the end result!!

The obligatory 'before' photos:


  1. GOOD LUCK. My in-laws just started the demo of their pantry/laundry room this weekend. I can't believe they're actually re-doing their kitchen. They've been talking about it since they moved in...the year we graduated college!
    TRY to keep your sanity....and be prepared for the mess!

  2. very exciting! it will be easier than you think - living without a kitchen :)

    Can't wait to see the progress and after pics.