Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dinner with Murphy

I mentioned we went out to dinner last night and how much I love my blue cheese crusted steak...I forgot to mention Murphy. You all know Murphy...the guy who makes things happen at the most inopportune time?

The guy who makes you think "nah, I don't need to bring a diaper bag, I'll just throw a few toys in my purse" and then causes your child to poop 15 seconds after arriving at the restaurant. When said child has already done his afternoon business at the same time that he always does. And you are dining at a restaurant is in the mall that does NOT have a drugstore. And when you call your husband to stop at home to pick up a diaper/wipes, you realize he's already in the parking lot of the restaurant and has to go back home during rush hour traffic?

That's the same Murphy that joined us for dinner last night. Luckily, he left when Ethan arrived with the fresh diaper and wipes and Evan only yelled "EWW!! ERIC POOPED!!" like 6 times in a really loud voice. Sigh. But there was blue cheese crusted steak and Eric stayed in the high chair with no complaints for 2 hours...I think I'll bring a diaper next time. Maybe even two :-)

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  1. I leave a diaper bag in the car. Seriously - its packed and on the floor in front of Tommy's seat. Of course my car is always a huge MESS - so this might not work for you!