Friday, April 18, 2008

Feel the burn!!

I am loving the warm weather...I was out running some errands at lunchtime yesterday with the sunroof open and I actually felt the skin on my arm burning from the warm sun. Made me want to keep on driving to a beach to get some sun on my pasty face :-)

Also loving my commute home and the fact that my vehicle has a sunroof (which I would not have gotten except it was part of the package). I skip the highway (and the toll) in favor of the back roads with some gorgeous scenery and LOVE zoom zoom-ing along with all the windows down and the radio blaring!! I never used to keep my windows down because what was the point when you're on 495 with a bunch of stinky trucks around you?


  1. This week has been AWESOME to drive around with the top down on my car-- and the best part is no sunburn-- yet!

  2. Ahhh...the sunroof. I LOVE mine. I would NEVER get another car without one...if I can chose it!
    I tagged you...