Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And good morning to you too!

In a rare moment, the first child (Evan) woke up at 7:30 this morning. He snuggled into bed with Ethan and I (I have to be in the middle Mom, or I might fall off) and asked me to please not breathe on him because my face smelled bad. And his stuffed monkey took an alligator bite out of my nose, which tasted like bananas. And Ethan's nose tasted like apple pie. And then there was a loud harsh knock on the front door.

I know it can't be the kitchen guys because 1) it's too early and 2) they would just use the key to let themselves in, but somehow, I know that what is on the other side of the door is going to be no good.

It's the cabinets. A ginormous 20-foot truck full of them (and probably some other people's cabinets). And I'm standing in my pajamas with uncombed hair and unbrushed teeth, squinting at the bright overcast sky outside. Apparently we're the first delivery (how come I'm never 1st when I'm actually waiting for a delivery??) and these guys are ready to roll. So in they come and start stacking boxes all over the kitchen and dining room, while promising to leave us access to the refrigerator and the front door.

And then another truck pulls up. With the appliances. I contemplated becoming a coffee drinker because clearly I need to wake up NOW. But the delivery guys were awesome and brought everything in and even though the new fridge is sitting in the middle of my dining room covered in tape with no doors? I LOVE IT. Love love love it. It's a huge thing with french doors on the top and a drawer for a freezer.

Fast forward a couple of hours, when our contractor calls me while he's driving to the house. He wants to know where the bathroom faucet is because they're ready to put the sink in, and they also need to replace the water line under the toilet because it was running a little longer than it should have. I tell him the cabinets arrived at 7:30 this morning and the line goes silent. Finally he says, "forget everything I just said about the bathroom, sounds like there's plenty to do." Apparently I wasn't the only one surprised to see the cabinets/appliances show up at 7:30 this morning :-)

So depending on the progress today and the number of boxes tonight, there might be some good pictures tonight!!


    (Except for maybe the part about your face smelling bad!)
    And that sounds like the kind of fridge I wanted...but John didn't want to spend the $$$$. UGH

  2. I LOVE the first paragraph.

    And the rest of it sounds wonderful, too!