Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy sigh...

I'm so happy...the kitchen is so pretty!! Unfortunately, there will be no progress for the next week while we wait for the countertop to come in (had to measure/order after the cabinets were installed), but the fridge and oven/stove are hooked up and I realized that I could put the pantry back together, so that cleared a little bit of stuff out of the dining room. And I can probably start filling some of the cabinets too!

There's the fridge!!! And the under-cabinet lighting!!

Under-cabinet lighting rocks

And this...well this just causes a wave of happiness to wash over me.
Kind of makes me want to go grocery shopping so I can fill 'er up!
And those things on the left door? Beer holders. Kick ass.

Tomorrow starts part 2 of our mass renovation adventure--landscaping! I used to keep a pretty garden out front, but have lost the time/motivation/patience in the past few years and it's looking pretty crappy, so we thought we'd turn it over to the professionals. Some before pictures...

The barren front of the house

The ginormous mudpit that keeps oozing onto our patio

The dirty patio surrounded by weedy grass


  1. Oooo, very nice! You can definitely have more than one gallon of milk at at time in that baby!

  2. Very lovely! How exciting! Can't wait to see the outside changes.


    I'm happy for you!