Sunday, April 20, 2008


The effort to help Eric speak more clearly (and drool less) has become a family affair. Ethan and I try to break things down and have Eric repeat a few words at a time (i.e. "May I"..."get down please?"). Evan likes to take words and have Eric repeat a syllable at a time, and sometimes turns one syllable into multiple ones (i.e. "Hap"..."py"..."Bir"..."th"..."day"). It loses it's cuteness pretty fast, but Eric's speech is getting better, so I try not to interfere.

But yesterday was Hershey Park day and absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. Eric rode the "horsies" (carousel) three times and I'm pretty sure it was his favorite ride...he had the sweetest expression on his face when the ride started...both kids ate as though we hadn't fed them in a week (entire adult-size meals, plus an icee, pretzel, fruit cup, ice cream and then dinner!).

The boys before lunch...Evan was hungry and GRUMPY!!

Much happier!

Eric and his favorite horsie ride!

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