Friday, April 18, 2008

Kitchenless week 1

We have survived our first week sans kitchen. I have learned to live with the inch of dust on the floor, and have even given up wiping down the couch/chairs when I get home (leather, so not too hard). We've enjoyed some fine meals of pizza, chicken nuggets/sushi, pizza, chicken & pasta (LOVE Harris Teeter), and chinese food. After a month, I wonder if I'll even have the desire to cook again? Dishes haven't been too bad, as one of our neighbors is out of town and we're in charge of their cat. So after dinner, Evan and I head over with whatever is dirty (mostly silverware), wash dishes, visit with Polly. Very friendly cat, and Evan is much more interested in petting/holding her than Cole, probably because Cole doesn't really like to be held/pet.

No pictures, because the camera battery died, but the crew is making some awesome progress. Came home today and all the tile was laid, so next week is grout/paint. And then things will be slightly usable again?

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