Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Excuse me, is this a Super Target?

I love Target. I do more grocery shopping there than I do at the grocery store, and am dangerously close to spending more there than I do at Costco. And we don't even have a Super Target, much to the disappointment of the poor sucker I saw wandering around looking for bananas. He was on the phone with who I assume was his wife, and I hope to hell she was on bedrest, because if I had to talk my husband through an entire grocery shopping trip via cell phone and was not on bedrest...well...it wouldn't end well. If I were capable of going to the store, I would hang up after 12 seconds and go do it myself and if I was so sick that I couldn't go to the store, then I wouldn't really give a hoot about what he was buying. But this guy...he even asked someone if it was a Super Target and I'm pretty sure only a store employee would tell him "yes" because after listening to him tell his wife for the 6th time that he couldn't find the bananas I took pity on him and told him he wasn't going to find bananas in this store. Then he referred to me as "this nice young lady" and proceeded to go searching for applesauce, and dinners in a box. Unfortunately, my grocery list only kept me about an aisle away from him, so I had to listen to this the whole time.

But Target still rocks...they have $4 generic prescriptions, and one of the prescriptions I filled today only cost $4!! Woo hoo!! And while the doctor doesn't know why I have had a sore throat and swollen glands for 3 weeks now, they did confirm it wasn't mono. A little weird--isn't that something high school and college kids get??


  1. That is definitely true, I apparently had mono in high school but didn't know it (long story), and one of Tom's friends was just recently diagnosed.

  2. depends on who you've been making out with....he he
    No - seriously there are different types of mono - one is airborne. Maybe someone at your OLD job gave it to you as a going away present!
    And Target is my FAVORITE store!

  3. small confessional here.

    IF (that is a strong if), I send my husband to the grocery store..I write the list out in the order that he is instructed to travel through the store.

    which starts with produce, heads to deli, beef meats, and then we're off to the races.

    But he ALWAYS calls me and I "walk" through the store with him. It goes something like this,

    H: "I can't find the beef stock"
    Her: "Are you in the soup aisle?"
    H: " no. wait. o.k. I'm here."
    Her: "Are you facing the front or back of the store?"
    H: "Front"
    Her: "Find the canned soups at the end of the aisle on your right. and then move backwards and look up and to your right."
    H: " see broths but no stocks"
    Her: "Just start from the top and scan all the way across and then move to the next shel (interupted here)
    H: "I found it. THIS STUFF COSTS 5 BUCKS!"
    Her: "yes. and those 5 dollars are well spent, because your wife makes her own chicken stock and look at that price. And your wife makes chicken stock because she's got the stuff to do that. Add an additional 5-7 to the price of that beef stock and then your wife will happily make you the beef stock"
    H: "why do we need this?"
    Her: (rolling her eyes) because I cook and you eat.
    H: "o.k. Love you, bye"