Friday, April 4, 2008

Things I learned at the doctor today

So we had the ever-exciting 2 year old checkup for Eric this afternoon, which ended up going very smoothly. I'm generally not a fan of afternoon appointments because 1) the doctor has been running late all day and 2) it messes with nap and/or snack time, neither of which should ever be messed with. But today was an exception. I did have to wake Eric up from a nap, but only a few minutes, so he was in his post-nap chatty mood. He didn't even scream when they put him on the scale--he always screams because more often than not in his life, the scale is followed by a thermometer poking him in the butt. But today he was happy. The terrible twos are going to rear their ugly head soon enough, I'm sure.

So, interesting things we learned at the doctor today:
  • Children/people who step with their toes inward tend to be very good athletes. Ethan swears Eric's toes point in when he walks, but the only time I see this happen is when his shoes are getting too tight. He is pretty good at kicking a ball though, so now both my kids have pretty good odds of making it big in a professional sport and paying for my retirement.
  • Eric's drooling may be caused by the fact that he doesn't talk enough. Because I need 3 people in my house asking me questions and telling me what to do around the clock?? Oy.
  • If you stroke the inside of a male's thigh, it causes the testicle on that side to 'jump up' into, well, wherever they go. I kid you not, these are the things the pediatrician talks about during my child's appointment. And don't worry, it was a she ;-)
Going to sit back and wait for my hubby's reaction to that last one...


  1. wait.

    are you going to sit back after performing this "experiment" on him, or are you going to sit back after telling him?

  2. HA. I just laughed out loud. I'll have to remember that last one. produced a child who doesn't talk enough?! wierd.
    Maybe his big brother does it all for him.

  3. I am cracking up! But it sounds like a tough choice - encourage talking or continue with the drool... I vote for drool.

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