Wednesday, April 2, 2008

There is absolutely no reason to panic

Beware, I feel a to-do list coming on. The kitchen/bath remodeling has taken a turn and I'm not sure in which direction. Trying to convince myself it's good. Shelled out a huge chunk of money last week as a deposit for the cabinets and were told they would arrive in 4-6 weeks. After hounding kitchen lady's assistant for a week about the delivery date, decided it was time to escalate to kitchen lady. Surprise! They'll be here in less than 2 weeks. Crap, crap, CRAP!! Called the contractor to see if he could start working earlier (he wasn't planning on ripping things out until beginning of May)...not confident that will happen and if it does happen it will probably take him longer to do it because they have other jobs going on. Called kitchen lady to make sure we could extend the 2 week storage period since the cabinets were going to arrive FOUR weeks early (seriously lady, you're killing me!!). Shouldn't be a problem. But, on the off chance the contractor gets his butt in gear and does get here 'early,' we need to find the tile that matches the downstairs bathroom, agree on paint colors for the kitchen/bath, get the sink and faucet for the bath...ack!!

There is absolutely no reason to panic.

Eric's birthday party is this weekend so we have various family members coming over to help celebrate and as of 4 PM today I had not really made any progress on preparing for that. Thankfully, his birthday present and our produce delivery were on the front steps when I got home, I picked up party supplies (puppies) on the way home, and squeezed in a trip to Giant after the kids went to bed. If you have a Giant near you, Perdue chicken breasts are on sale for $2/lb, which is AWESOME. I bought enough to scare Ethan, but he knows we'll use them, especially since we'll be living off the Ziploc steam bags sooner than expected.

Still not panicking.

Evan was helping me un-tie Eric's birthday present (why the toy required 17 pieces of wire to hold it in the box, I have no idea), and then informed me that HE needs to get Eric a birthday present, and he would like to get him a Leo toy. Good grief! Target's website has an entire section devoted to Little Einsteins!! Thankfully, I convinced Evan I could go pick out a Leo toy tomorrow, because if I took him with me, he would pick the toy that HE wants. Hmm...maybe they'll have the Brainiac Pillow, which would get quite the reaction out of Ethan :-)

Whew. On a slightly more calming note, I feel 500% better this morning--lets hear it for steroids!! Thought about going to the batting cage and swinging a few, but seriously, who am I kidding? Me? In a batting cage? But if I had the Wii, I could be doing some serious boxing right now...


  1. No reason to panic. And don't believe the cabinet delivery date until they actually arrive. Seriosly. Kelley and Jamie ordered Abbey's NEW bedroom furniture the first week of September. They were told it would take 12 weeks. As of the birth of Cameron in January - Abbey was still sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
    And you'll know the right colors when you see them...besides - its only paint.

  2. That was supposed to make me NOT panic?? The idea that my kitchen cabinets will not even be here in 6 weeks and I'll be kitchen-less for that much longer? Ack!


  3. I believe after Lydia's post it should be reiterated that there is no reason to panic.

    really. no reason.