Sunday, April 20, 2008

A hundred and one!

We watched 101 Dalmatians on the was home from Hershey Park now I am inspired to see how long my list can get (hopefully not up to 101). So, here goes, 101 is the number of times...
  1. Evan and Eric asked to watch 101 Dalmatians aka "Puppies" today
  2. #1 was shot down
  3. #2 resulted in whining, crying, or a tantrum of some sort
  4. #3 resulted in someone being sent to their room or to go read a book
  5. Mom had to step aside and count to 10 to regain her sanity
  6. Things got WORSE during #5
  7. Evan was told to put his shoes on
  8. Eric was told not to take his shoes OFF
  9. There was a fight over who had who's identical stuffed monkey
  10. Eric asked for a tissue
  11. Eric pooped (okay, not quite 101...but it was a LOT!)
  12. Eric asked to get down from the table
  13. There was a thunderstorm
  14. The front gutter overflowed and sent water directly onto our front window
  15. Cole meowed to go outside
  16. Cole was sent outside
  17. Cole meowed to come back inside
  18. We sang "Old MacDonald" aka "EIEIO"
Okay, so I'm not going to make it to 101...but 18 was pretty therapeutic :-)


  1. Ahhhh fun times. Saturday afternoon was full melt down mode around here and 101 was the number of people we called to come help us... none did :)

  2. Maybe # 11 had to do with all the food they ate AT Hershey park!!