Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not a bad day either

I was very pleasantly surprised to find ALL the cabinets attached to the walls when I got home...these guys can move!! A few snafus which will hopefully turn out to by minor (one door on backwards and 3 cabinets have a wood divider between the doors when we thought we were getting cabinets with no wood divider). But they look pretty awesome and even though our contractor was not too excited when we showed him the color (red = more work), I think 'farmhouse red' turned out to be a great choice!!

Stove/microwave will go in the hole in the middle...

Check out the big space for the fridge!!

The stove...where my kitchen table used to/will be :-)


  1. Wow! It looks awesome! farmhouse red is really neat, it makes the room seem warmer and bigger.

  2. Sweet! Looks awesome - and man that is quick progress!

  3. Now THAT looks like a kitchen Jess would LOVE to cook in!!
    That guy works FAST!