Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Eric!

Some moms write these long, beautiful letters to their children on their birthdays, commemorating the past year(s) and sharing other warm gooey thoughts. And then there's me.

Eric, today was your birthday, and different from any other day except for the fact that every day with you is a different day. What made today so special? (Other than the obvious birthday of course):
  • You woke up before 7 AM with no desire to go back to sleep.
  • There was a giant stinky mess in your diaper when I went in to get you out of your crib (explains why you had no interest in going back to sleep)
  • You snuggled in our bed, between Daddy and I (and then Evan), quietly saying "Happy Birthday!" to yourself.
  • You did not pour your cereal on yourself, or require a change of clothes before going to daycare.
  • You had "Happy Birthday" sung to you by TWO different classes, as you are about to go to a new class and have been spending a few hours a day in the new room (yay!! Mom and Dad love Miss Kay's room!!)
  • You had a cool crown to wear, which you promptly tore into shreds in the car during the 3 mile, 30 minute ride to Bertuccis.
  • It hailed today. Hail. In April. Totally weird.
  • At Bertuccis (aka "GG's Restaurant"), you ate a tiny bit of pizza and even less ice cream...guess the cupcakes at daycare were enough for you?
  • Even though the service at Bertuccis stunk and they didn't give you a fraction of the attention you deserved, you were still a perfect angel. Except for when we finally took the barely eaten ice cream away, but close enough.
  • You gave your 'Little Einsteins' cup/plate/bowl and obligatory glance before tossing it back on the table like the kids in 'A Christmas Story' with the sock presents.
  • You loved the Pirate Ship, especially when your brother showed you how to put the people in the cannon and shoot them across the room instead of the cannon ball.
  • You really loved your new green Rody, that is all yours and there is no longer a need to share the blue one with your brother. Except now Evan wants a red Rody.
Happy Birthday, little man!!


    I hope tomorrow morning there is no stinky present in his pants for you..and that he saves it for his Daddy!

  2. Wait a that middle picture - is Eric's shirt SOAKED around the neck? Was he drooling in excitement?!

  3. Eric has major drooling issues...teething, allergies, colds all cause excessive amounts of drool. And he has no desire to keep his mouth closed.

  4. Ahhhhh. Such a sentimental Jessica post :)