Monday, April 14, 2008

It's only day one?

I was out of the house for less than 6 hours today. By the time I got home, the (old) cabinets were sitting on the sidewalk, along with the floor. The wall space above the cabinets was torn out. The toilet was in the kitchen. And dust was EVERYWHERE...apparently they took a tarp down to bust up some tile and forgot to put it back up again. I resisted the urge to clean (too much), but will be picking up some some supplies tomorrow. Luckily I had closed all the bedroom doors and closed the vents, so the dust wasn't too bad upstairs, although Evan was complaining that his room 'smells funny.' I think he just opened the door and poked his nose into the hallway.

We did manage to avoid the house for the evening though, and celebrated a birthday for my twin cousins who turned 4. With the exception of the car rides, it was a good time and a great escape from the dusty house!! Eric has mastered "GIMME!" and "MINE!" and alternated yelling those for most of the ride over. And on the way back he was just tired and mad because I took his balloon away after handing it to him for the 11th time in 3 minutes.

And Evan asks a lot of questions. Seriously, I thought the kid went through the 'why' stage when he was about 3, but that is nothing compared to lately. That's a whole other blog though.

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  1. OH NO. I hate hate HATE construction dust. IT SUCKS.

    And they are both enough to drive a mommy INSANE!