Sunday, April 6, 2008

So, I missed a day

And I had no energy to even pretend I posted yesterday, so it is what it is. We celebrated Eric's birthday (again) on Saturday with the extended family, and the day just got away. I think I went to bed before 10:00, I was so beat. But it was a good time and the birthday boy and his big brother have been enjoying the additions to their 'Little People' collection, as well as some books and Potato heads and Thomas bath toys (and if you're reading this and I forgot your gift--sorry!).

Today? We were pretty lazy and good for nothing. My cousin Teresa stayed with us for the weekend and we had good intentions of getting up and going to see the cherry blossoms this morning (at a nearby park), but the rain kind of squashed those plans. So we played "bolleyball" with the balloons and left the boys at home while we did a girls lunch out before heading to the airport. Got pulled over for speeding on the way home, but I think the officer was more annoyed that I kinda sorta cut him off as he was trying to merge onto the highway. Oops. In any case, he sent me on my way with a (verbal) warning to slow down. And when I came home and we were lazy again, letting the kids watch a movie and run wild around the basement while I finished my book club book (awesome story!) and Ethan played on the 'puter.

And now I just finished our taxes which is becoming increasingly more confusing as the years go on, even though our situation hasn't really changed. It worked out well enough in the end though and we can still afford our kitchen renovations :-)

Back to work tomorrow...nooooo!


  1. Well, sounds like a nice weekend all in all :)

  2. yes - it sounds good.
    rain yesterday was bad.
    and its ok to miss a day.