Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good neighbors are hard to find...

I received a vague voicemail on the home phone from one of my neighbors today: "Hi S's, it's the H's. Give a call when you have a chance, nothing important." This woman has called us like twice in the 4 years they have lived there, so I immediately called her. She saw someone walking into our house and was concerned about it because there was no car/truck parked in front of the house, and they closed the door behind them which looked a little suspicious. I assured her it was just the contractors and they were probably working on the bathroom (so the front door would need to be closed), but it's good to know she's looking out for us!!

And she did clarify the "nothing important" was just in case we had an answering machine and the potential robbers could be listening in--smart lady!

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