Monday, March 31, 2008

1-2-3 strikes, yer out!

No, this is not some sort of metaphor for my job. Today was opening day for the Baltimore Orioles, and they played at home. An added bonus? At the ripe old age of 4, Evan attended not only his first Orioles game, but also his first Opening Day. Side note: I did not attend my first opening day until I was TWENTY-four.

O's lost and the weather was dreary, but it was a great time all around. Evan asked about a thousand questions, but refused to sit next to my brother who would have known all the answers. He fulfilled his wish to eat a hot dog with mustard, and proceeded to eat every last crumb of a jumbo dog which was about as big as his arm. And french fries. And a couple of bites of chicken before he finally said his tummy was hurting.

Beth took some cute pictures, now included.

We took the light rail to the game, which was a riot. Made some new friends as my uncle was looking at his Blackberry (note to self, always keep your phone in your pocket!). Actually had a kid offer 50 cents if he could use a cell phone to make a call. Saw a lady running around a parking lot after the game 'holding' herself until she finally dropped her pants behind a car to take care of business. Too bad all the passengers of the train had a prime view of her bare butt as she was doing this.

Good times :-)


  1. I work in downtown Baltimore and you didn't even let me know you were there? blah.

    I mean, YAY sounds like an awesome day.

  2. I have NEVER been to an opening day. And I can live with that - it was a wee bit too chilly for me to go to a baseball game.
    And he is SO your kid - any child who can eat like THAT had to come from YOUR womb!!