Wednesday, December 19, 2007

He's a mean one, Mister Grinch

Evan and I watched the original Grinch on Friday night (not the Jim Carey version) and it's interesting to see how he (Evan) develops from year to year and how the little wheels in his head turn. He had a very worried expression on his face throughout the show, and I explained that the grinch was mean, but later becomes nice, so he sat through it and seemed happy at the end. We talked about how you don't need presents to have Christmas, and as long as you have your family and friends, that's what matters. Seemed to go over well. Until bedtime.

Evan: But if someone stole our Christmas, we would be very sad

Me: A little, but you would still have all your family and friends, so you wouldn't be too sad. You'd still have Mom and Dad and Eric and Grandma and Pop-pop and GG and Grampy and Aunt B and Uncle Tom (I'm sure there was more)

Evan: And my cousins?

Me: Yes, and your cousins.

Evan (with a big grin): Oh, okay. Yeah that would be good.

Saturday night we were coming home from a party and again Evan brings up the Grinch and the fact that he steals Christmas, but everyone is still happy because they have their family. And Ethan tells Evan not to worry, because no one is going to steal his Christmas. And I ask Ethan what he would do on the extremely off-chance our hose was robbed on Christmas Eve. Ethan suggested maybe we shouldn't watch the Grinch anymore.

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  1. Maybe Ethan would be buying all the crap he could at 7-11 if you guys were robbed on Christmas Eve! Don't you love it how Daddy makes statements or promises that he has absolutely NO control over?!