Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Loving the truck, but not the wind!!

I love my truck (who's going to virtually smack me first?). I love that I can hit a button from the kitchen window and it is all warm and toasty by the time I walk outside. And today I figured out how to use my phone through the bluetooth. AWESOME.

So last night I was somewhat convinced my children had switched bodies. Evan was all fidgety and complaining he didn't like meatballs while Eric sat perfectly happy in his high chair eating all his dinner. True, he was eating it with his hands and making a horrible mess, but at least he wasn't screaming and trying to throw himself out of the chair. Evan went to his room to think about things after laying his head on the table with his eyes closed and tongue hanging out of his mouth, and thankfully came back 'normal.' And then he asked if we could have steak, mashed potatoes w/cheese, and salad for dinner tomorrow (today). And I would like to do that because it sounds like a wonderful dinner but it's too windy to grill!! Not to mention I love steak and mashed potatoes and salad ;-)

Sidebar: it's really not too windy to grill, but Ethan does all the grilling around here and he would have needed to be home 15 minutes ago to have a chance in heck of having steaks cooked by dinnertime with all the wind out there.

So we're stuck with lasagna out of a box and hopefully tomorrow will be a grill-worthy day. But my new truck handles bee-yoo-tee-full-y in the wind and I barely even noticed. And I could talk on the phone and that person couldn't tell either.


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  2. Oopsy I think Aunt B encouraged Evan to put his head on the table with eyes closed and tongue hanging out at Breakfast on Sunday morning because it was too darn cute and funny. Sorry Jess... I wasn't really thinking about the ramifications of that decision... but I guess that's why I'm the aunt and not the mom :-)

  3. Ok, seriously, you changed your BLOG TITLE TO ZOOM ZOOM? You are funny.

    I am totally and appropriately jealous :)

    Yes, not. a. grill. day. AT. ALL. yuck. But sounds good, and we would like some of that sent over here.

  4. I'll take some,too! Steak sounds yummy...and I think it would take me WAY longer than 2 days to figure out the bluetooth on a new car!

  5. B-No worries, if it makes you feel any better, Eric keeps going around the house yelling "ahhh-beee, ahhh-beee" which I assume means he's calling for you ;-)