Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why must there always be another option?

I need to start the blog by saying I love love love my new truck. And if you call it a car or a minivan, I will not hesitate to run you over with it. And I won't miss, because I have one of those spiffy little cameras that shows me what's behind me!! Seriously, it's one bad ass vehicle...did I mention I love it?

I'm starting to think that men did not have to take multiple choice tests in school. Because, if they did, then whenever I said "do you want option A or option B?" they would not suggest something else!! And this is not limited to my husband, I frequently run into this situation at work as well. I've even slipped and said something to the effect of "typical man" when one of my clients requested something that was not one of the original options, but thankfully he was in a good mood that day and responded with "hey, I could have asked for ALL of the options."

Woo hoo! 9 hours until I drive again!!


  1. Men are dumb.

    New cars are not.

  2. I agree with Emily - Men are dumb. But new cars are definately NOT. I guess this will make your 3 hour commute home past the mall a little more fun!