Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It's 9:09 AM and I'm currently sitting at my dining room table because I can't get to work due to the stupidity of other people. I don't know why, but at the first sign of snow, people just go dumb around here. I do not live in the south, so snow is a pretty common thing...happens every winter, usually more than once. And the current snow is barely sticking to the ground, let alone to the big highways that have had cars driving on them all night and are nothing more than wet. But here I am, waiting for Google maps to show me something other than red on my entire route to work so I know whether or not I can get there for my 11:30 meeting. And do you know what? I think aiming to get to work by 11:30 may be setting the bar too high today...

Update: I finally left the house at 10:15 and got to work around 11. Drive was okay, but the worst part is I had to leave my truck with the valet in our parking garage and I better not find any scratches on it when I get back!!

**The valet is for the physical therapist office in our building, but when there are not monthly spaces left, we also have to use it. I am not so spoiled that I use valet parking on a regular basis ;-)


  1. But it is SNOWING :) WOO HOO... almost called you!

  2. Try working in a school full of teenagers!! I hope you made it - it would be a shame not to test out that new truck in bad weather!!

  3. Em - my phone rang this morning and I was fully expecting it to be you :-)

    Lyd - I can't imagine...I would be yelling by the 4th "are we getting our early"