Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Got a prescription for antibiotics, because one ear looked kinda gooey and because of the other symptoms. Not a real re-assuring visit, but we'll take our antibiotics and run with it. Unfortunately, the doctor thinks the main cause is asthma kicking in...nooooooo...I was really hoping that was a one-winter deal! But here we are, armed with inhalers and nebulizer goodies to help get us through the winter. Ugh.

Our appointment was with our favorite doctor...she joined the practice around the time Eric was born and she was the on-call doctor when he was in the hospital with jaundice and extremely calming and helpful, which is why we like her. Also a very funny lady; she's like a female version of Ethan and normally I have trouble following her random train of thought during a visit while Ethan knows exactly what she's talking about and why. Anyway, today seemed to be an 'off' day for her and during the course of the visit she opened a drawer 3 times to look for the prescription pad that was sitting right in front of her (and she had been writing on), put one prescription back in the drawer (still attached to the pad) and threw another one in the trash. As she got up to leave, I asked her for the prescriptions and she looked at me as though I was nuts, until I mentioned maybe she had thrown one away (I thought she changed her mind about what to give him). Poor lady, she apologized numerous times and re-wrote the one that fell in the trash even though it was sitting on top of Eric's drooled-on tissue on the top of the pile.

Oh well, doctors are people too!


  1. Maybe she's stressed out about Christmas?!
    Hope the meds work!! Tommy's got some funky green stuff coming out of his nose - but no cough, so I'm riding it out!

  2. I hope the meds help quckly... and LOL at your doctor :) Kinda funny.